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 Iulia Burci Hair and Makeup Artist is specialized in portrait makeup services, with over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry. Professional licensed hair and makeup artist since 2004, Chicago based, Iulia Burci Hair and Makeup Artist provides hair and makeup services for photo shootings, from formal up-dos to hair extensions, from basic cut and color to haute couture look, from natural, discreet looks to dramatic makeups suitable for fashion shows and magazine covers.

When passion meets high-end techniques

Using the top portrait makeup products, Iulia Burci combines knowledge with imagination, technique with latest trends and transforms the process of eye makeup for portrait into a form of art.

If you are looking for professional makeup services, Iulia Burci Hair and Makeup Artist is the right place for you. Our portrait makeup services combine latest trends with the best portrait makeup products on the market to deliver exquisite results, to suite any type of fashion publication, personal portraits, yearbook portraits or artists’ portfolios. We provide on location portrait makeup services so you don’t have to worry about getting to your photo shoot on time after the portrait makeup is complete. We will be there at every step of the way to make sure your eye makeup for portrait is perfect, to deliver any last minute changes and even to change the makeup application entirely to match your attire, background and the atmosphere of your portrait.

Photo shoots, catalogues, magazines or fashion shows are also part of Iulia Burci Hair and Makeup Artist everyday work, especially due to that freedom of imagination and to the very dynamic environment of fashion.

In choosing Iulia Burci Hair and Makeup Artist as your portrait makeup services provider, you not only ensure yourself that for your look we will use the best portrait makeup products, but also that the results will be more than satisfactory. Our clients’ satisfaction, and meeting all their needs while delivering exceptional results is our top priority.

Stop your research and contact us to book your next portrait makeup services for your special photo-shoot, event or show. With us you have 100% satisfaction guarantee, and premium quality without paying the premium charges. We will get to your location early enough to have everything ready on time and we will be there for the entire event in case of any kind of emergency that needs portrait makeup services and retouching.