Is a trial recommended?

I always recommend a trial. First of all, it’s more confortable to work with someone you have already met before the wedding day, second of all you want to have a clear idea about your hair and makeup, that way the day of your wedding you would be able to enjoy it at its maximum and not worry about anything else.

Do you only do hair/makeup for weddings?

NO, I also provide haircutting and coloring services, as well as keratin treatments or hair extensions and/or everyday looks.

How long will my hair last for?

My continuos education and my experience will prove you that the hair will last at least for the entire event, if not for the day to follow. Of course, upstyles will, for sure, last longer than down-styles due to the bobby pins that help hold the hair in place, but it also depends on the way you ”carry” it.

How should I have my hair ready for the wedding day?

I always recommend that the hair should be clean and dry, but never flat-iron. You dont have to worry if it’s too silky and you think the style  might not last, I can always use the right products to dirt it up if I need to. Do not forget your wail and hair accesories!

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a light-weight makeup applied through an air gun machine. This produces an even layer of makeup, thin and matte, very desirable for hot summer days and suitable for photography.

What is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup?

The difference between airbrush makeup and the traditional one it’s not as much on the final look, but on the way to apply it. While the first one requires a gun machine to spray the makeup on the face, the traditional makeup uses brushes, sponges, fingertips. The type of application depends more on each clients needs.